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Ventotene island

Ventotene - faro
Ventotene, halfway between Ponza and Ischia, is the smallest inhabited island of the Pontine islands. It is a tranquil spot, surrounded by crystal clear waters and offers visitors a holiday where they can be at one with nature, far away from the chaos of a city. Ventotene is blessed with extraordinary morphology, wonderful smells of the Mediterranean, intense colors and exceptional hospitality making it a must-visit for anyone looking for an island that breaks with the stereotypical mold of beach holidays.

Every place in Ventotene (the island is not much longer than two kilometers) is “in the middle of the sea” and the island is a living representation of history that started millions of years ago when Ulysses listened to the mermaid’s song from it’s rocks.

A pearl of the sea

Ventotene - gorgonie
At sea level the island is 2,900 meters long and around 900 meters wide, it is made up of porous brown tufa and a steep coast line. There are shallows to the north between the rocks called Sconcigli (also called Sconciglie) and to the south between Cala Battaglia and Le Saliere.

The channel between Ventotene and Santo Stefano is about a mile and is not dangerous in anyway. It is 7 to 20 meters deep. On the docks of both ports there is a mooring company ‘Gruppo orneggiatori’, tel (+39) 077185283.

The lighthouse, situated at Porto Romano has the following characteristics: a white roof, period 5, geographical reach 13 m.n, light 16.

Mooring in Porto Romano is very relaxed: The entrance is to the east and the sea that comes in, lets off steam in the inlet of the Pozzillo. Boats permitted in Porto Romano cannot be longer than ten meters and must not fish deeper than two meters. When entering you must be perfectly aligned with the entrance axis and once inside turn right. However even if the water is very transparent one must be careful to look left and right to check for any underwater rugged rocks. You moor in front of the tufa arches of the port keeping distance from the dock. It is not permitted to moor in the spots reserved for the Italian finance police or near the steps. In July and August it isn’t easy to find a place and the presence of many boats can create inconveniences especially when bringing up your anchor. Mooring is free only in certain areas, there are paid spots, agreed upon with the watchman, that have water and electricity. For more information telephone (+39077185273). If you decide to leave your boat in the wake of the middle of Porto Nuovo, remember that the ferry needs ample space to maneuver. It is forbidden to moor on the seawall, where hydrofoils arrive. The sea depth varies from 4 to 6 meters. The only petrol pump is found at Porto Nuovo.